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Testing Protocols

Using a functional medicine approach, Dr. Moore is able to offer specific testing for both her onsite and distance patients.  Her training and access to bioresonance, functional medicine, and neuroscience helps her patients see their present state of health from a new perspective that most physicians do not address.  Dr. Moore partners with laboratories and licensed physicians who can anylize and interpret patient's results, then make specific recommendations for their health care.  Dr. Moore then does the day-to-day work with her patients to affect changes with them.

When Dr. Moore orders tests in a functional health protocol, she takes the most conservative approach possible and usually starts with food intolerances.  Her patients then make changes that can alleviate other symptoms and conditions.  If symptoms still persist, she will order additional testing for the patients and add the dietary data that the patients provide.

​If people are looking for specific recommendations of tests, Dr. Moore offers:


Level I Assessments: Bioresonance Tests.  These tests are the least invasive and use photonic, radionic, and thermal frequencies to identify food intolerances, nutritional imbalances, and the body's resiliency to environmental and immunological challenges. 


                                            Intolerances from Biofield Analysis                Healy Bioresonance Scans  

Level II Assessments: IgG Blood Tests.  These tests require blood samples from finger pokes.  By using a sample card, the companies are able to test for food sensitivities and allergies via protein markers.  Dr. Moore prefers this step as a second option, as she believes that many of her patients can make wellness and lifestyle changes through Level I assessments.


Level III  Assessments: These tests are very detailed and rely upon saliva and urine samples to generate necessary health information.


        Neurotransmitter Levels.   Our neurotransmitters are the brain's chemical messengers that regulate the body's operations, emotions, stress responses, autonomic nervous system, digestion, and sleep.  When we live with chronic stress, pain, and trauma, they can become imbalanced.

        Hormone Levels.  Our hormones are the body's chemical messengers  that send signals to the bloodstream and tissues and regulates growth and development, metabolism, reproduction, and mood.  When we live with imbalanced neurotransmitters, this affects our hormone balances and can create a vicious cycle of depression, weight changes, and emotional issues.


​Dr. Moore will order the appropriate tests after a functional consultation.  Each of these tests is designed to be user friendly and can be completed in the comfort of your home or our office; then the results will be emailed to both you and Dr. Moore.

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