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Dr. Moore is the Chief Medical Officer for 5Strands Affordable Testing, LLC.  Her work with bioresonance, functional medicine, and neuroscience allows her to work with patients and help them develop healthy lifestyle and wellness pathways. 

When doing private consultations, she uses an integrative approach that focuses on more than potential food intolerances.  She and her team look deeper for lifestyle and environmental challenges that can impact a patient's gut and brain-based health.

If people are looking for specific recommendations of tests, Dr. Moore offers:

The Deluxe Test, perhaps the most comprehensive, allows for a full lifestyle and wellness consultation.  This test has multiple overlapping data points which when combined, gives insights into potential gut and brain based health challenges.  It also allows her to explore potential environmental challenges which can affect the overall physical health and wellness of her patients and their families.

The Standard Test also allows for multiple data point analysis.  This test does not include a metal or mineral analysis, but its strengths are in detecting challenges which can affect neurotransmitter balances. 

The Food Intolerance and Nutritional Intolerance Bundle is the best set of tests that are suited for people who are health conscious and have an understanding of health and wellness. With the data points that originate from these tests, people can get a fairly clear overview of the challenges that their bodies and brains may face with food intolerances.

Each of these tests can be ordered from the Resource tab on this website.

Elimination Diet

With the results of these tests, people can follow an individualized elimination diet that can be adapted into a lifestyle eating plan.  Dr. Moore helps each of her patients and 5Strand customers embrace functional health with a half hour to one hour consultation.