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Community is neighbor helping neighbor.  We wave to each other, stop and talk on the street, rely on each other, and help each other when times get tough!  The following connections are some of the best people we know and share business with!  Click on their names to learn about their businesses, and be sure to tell them you heard about them from Downeast Wellness!

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Building Resiliency: 32 Days to a Better You is a self-paced journey of self-discovery; specifically addressing the root matters of drama, the impact of trauma, and how disappointment can poison our future outlook. Dr. Moore’s book offers real-world advice through 32 easy-to-follow tools for individuals, as well as professionals, to improve resilience and overcome challenges in a discrete and effective manner. 

Supplies & Supplements

From time to time, Dr. Ruth's patients want to direct order supplies and supplements that she keeps in her inventory.  The following links make it easy for online shopping.

TrueScience Skin Care



                                              Vitality Stack


                                           CBD / CBG

                                           DELTA 8 / CBD

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Dr. Ruth has personally tested over 22 different brands of essential oils.  She has worked with both private growers and MLM companies and her preference for the purest therapeutic oils are those produced by Lotus Garden Botanicals in Biddeford, Maine.

Lotus Garden Botanicals

For the convenience of her patients, she maintains an inventory of over 500 bottles of essential oils, resourced from around the globe and can custom blend oils for her patients' varied needs.