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    Dr. Ruth works integratively with many local providers as well as experts in the healthcare professions.  While she was a student practitioner, she learned how to work collegially and refer patients; and now she works with a team of local colleagues who support her specialized practices of complementary and functional medicine.  Her philosophy is to work with a patient to determine what that person's needs are, and if something is beyond the scope of her talent or expertise, she willingly defers to her colleagues' expertise.

Chiropractic Services





    There are many fine chiropractors in the Ellsworth Community; however, Dr. Moore prefers to refer her patients to Dr. Rick White at Dynamic Chiropractic.  Dr. White, along with his office assistant, Lily are able to provide compassionate and expert care for pregnancy, structural issues, migraines, and athletic injuries.

   Dr. White has office hours in both Milbridge and Trenton, and can be reached at (207) 812-2491 or on his website at

rick white.jpg
Richard "Rick" White, DC
dale mcgee.jpg

Psychotherapy Services





   Dale is a certified Clinical Trauma Specialist and is licensed in both Maine and Florida. He has worked with Maine Department of Corrections, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Vet Center for over 40 years.

     Dr. Moore refers patients to him when they may need short term, confidential, and therapeutic mental health interventions. His compassion for others, warmth, wit, and irreverent sense of humor makes it a pleasure to work with him.

Dale can be reached in his practice at 207-458-3790 or through his web page at

                  Dale McGee                    LCSW/LADC, CCS

Physical Therapy

    Casey, along with her colleague Dr. Waterman, specialize in the body's  flexibility and mobility. Dr. Moore prefers to refer her patients to Casey because

she is an independent Physical Therapist who values quality care over traditional productivity. 

   Dr. Johnson has office hours in both her Store Street and MXA locations in Ellsworth.  She can be reached at (207) 374-7228 or her website at

casey johnston.jpg
Casey Johnston, DPT
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