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Frank Warren Higgins, CLC

My name is Frank Higgins and I joined the Downeast Wellness team last year.  As a wellness coach and home based wellness supervisor, I provide per diem, home-based wellness services and also work in our office to provide herbal options for the lifestyle and wellness challenges our patients face.

I was trained at Oaksterdam University and specialize in endocannabinoid health to help people manage crhronic pain, reduce depression and anxiety, and improve their quality of life.  With a few short term sessions, I can help people find the right blends of sativa and indica medical cannabis to meet their needs without being "zoned out" or "high" throughout the day. I also work with Dr. Moore to create specific formulations of CBD salves with essential oils to help with wound care, muscle tension, and pain.

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My Story

I live in Mariaville, Maine with Princess Nola (my mother) and when I am not working at DWIHS, I can be found tending my garden or enjoying social activities with my friends. 



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