All of our patients start their wellness journey in our office with either an initial consultation or a wellness appointment.   This is so that we can meet them, identify their needs, and provide  Complementary and Integrative medicine options.

New Patient Consultation

We LOVE meeting new patients and exploring their wellness journeys with them.  At this appointment, we will collect information, listen to your wishes, and discuss possible options that may be beneficial.  This is a comprehensive appointment that usually lasts about 1 1/2 hours, and if combined with a health challenge, we may offer an initial treatment to start a wellness plan.

Wellness Appointment

Wellness appointments are designed for evaluating and supporting short term health challenges like colds or injuries OR for periodic check ins for those who have completed their wellness plans and want to stay on top of their wellness.


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Educational Services:

    504 / IEP Consultations

    Curriculum Development

    Functional Behavioral    


    Special Education Testing

    Achievement Assessments

    Neurobehavioral Reports