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   We recognize that each individual has their own health and wellness needs and may not need office appointments, or would prefer to work on their health conditions privately.

I don't need an appointment, but...

   This option is for our clients and patients who are the "do it myself" problem solvers.


   For these people, we work as private medical consultants and have made a public page that has our general recommendations for self care, products, or supplements that can help.




I want to embrace total wellness.

   This option is for those clients and patients who want to      partner with Dr. Moore and her team to gain additional support as they design and pursue their wellness journeys. 


   We provide personal coaching and peer reviewed materials to help learn about multiple areas of wellness.  Additionally, for those who are interested, we can help build a wellness team in their community, provide in-office services, telephone consultations, or online sessions.

I want to work with Dr. Moore.

    Dr. Moore is available for online and in-person sessions, for those patients who need direct support, complex interventions, and an Individualized Health and Wellness Plan (IWHP).

   Patients who choose to work with Dr. Moore have usually reached a point where they are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, or they have tried multiple interventions without success.


Functional Consultation
   Reviewing or Ordering Tests


Integrative Services
  Provider Reports
  Provider Consultations

Group Classes / Sessions

Building Resiliency (Zoom)


Initial Wellness Services
Problem - focused care
Nurse Practitioner Services
New Patient Consultation

Endocannabinoid Wellness
New Patient Consultation

Massage Therapy
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage

45 Minute Wellness
Autonomic Nervous System
balancing (ANS)
Health and Wellness Coaching
Bioresonance therapy


45 Minute Functional

Behavioral / Wellness Coaching

Dietary Review

1:1 Exercise & Fitness Coaching   

15 Minute Wellness

Clinical Aromatherapy

Non Emergency Wellness Issue


30 Minute Wellness

CranioSacral Therapy

Holistic Kinesiology

Needle Free Acupuncture


Native Practices

Energy Therapies

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