All of our patients start their wellness journey in our office with either an initial consultation or a wellness appointment.   This is so that we can meet them, identify their needs, and provide  the most appropriate options for care.



We LOVE meeting new patients and exploring their wellness journeys with them. 


At this appointment, we will collect information, listen to your wishes, and discuss possible options that may be beneficial. 


This is a comprehensive appointment that usually lasts about 1 hour, and if combined with a health challenge, we may offer an initial treatment to start a wellness plan.

Wellness Appointments

Wellness appointments are designed for visitors and existing patients of Downeast Wellness.  These appointments allow time for evaluating and supporting short term health challenges like colds or injuries or establishing periodic check ins for those who have completed their wellness plans and want to stay on top of their wellness.

Our patients can walk in for standby services or reserve an initial wellness appointment, 15 minute, 30 minute, or 45 minute sessions.


Functional Health Appointments:

Functional Health Appointments are made for people who have chronic pain, long term health challenges, excessive weight changes, stress or anxiety based issues, or are simply "sick and tired of feeling sick and tired."

Functional Consultation
      Reviewing or Ordering Tests

45 Minute Functional

  Behavioral / Wellness Coaching
  Dietary Review
  1:1 Exercise & Fitness Coaching

    Specialty Services

EcoTherapy (1 hour)
  Indian Point Preserve
  Jordan Homestead Preserve

Integrative Services
Provider Reports
  Provider Consultations

Group Classes / Sessions

  Building Resiliency (Zoom)

​  Aquatics Therapy (Acadia Rst)

  Soul Collage (In Office)


Complementary Health
Wellness Appointments

Complementary Health appointments are problem or  wellness focused to address physical conditions, emotional challenges, or both chronic pain and stress-based health conditions.

Initial Wellness

  (Local patients only)


15 Minute Wellness
Clinical Aromatherapy
Non Emergency Wellness Issue

30 Minute Wellness
CranioSacral Therapy
Holistic Kinesiology
Needle Free Acupuncture

Native Practices
Energy Therapies

45 Minute Wellness
Autonomic Nervous System 
   Balancing (ANS)
Health and Wellness Coaching
Bioresonance Therapy


Student Services

Massage Therapy


Supervised Wellness Coaching

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Educational & Behavioral Services:

  We are pleased to offer the following educational services for families who are frustrated with their child's (children's) educational placement.

  With 20 years experience in public and private education,   Dr. Moore can collaborate with parents, students, schools, the Maine Department of Education, and the Office of Special Education Policy to provide the following services...

    504 / IEP Consultations

    Curriculum Development

    Functional Behavioral    


    Special Education Testing

    Age / Achievement Assessments

    Neurobehavioral Reports