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TOTAL Wellness

Total Wellness is comprised of 8 domains that a person functions in. 


When these areas are out of balance, stress arises, dis-ease (not to be confused with disease) grows, and the patient struggles with health challenges.


Total Wellness creates a healthcare paradigm that empowers the patient to be the center of his or her wellness team. 


Building your team is easy!

     Building your wellness team is incredibly easy.  You don't have to wait months on end to find the right providers.  At Downeast Wellness, our team can provide the integrated and wrap around services that you deserve!  To start this process, you will schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruth or Lisa Grant, and we will discuss your current health and wellness challenges.  We will then make a wellness plan that incorporates the services you want or need.  Finally, we will create a Individualized Health and Wellness Plan that will provide a logical plan for services.

Who makes up a Wellness Team?


Your wellness team begins with you!  You, your choices, and your lifestyle determine your level of wellness, every day.


Every day brings  new experiences and challenges which can affect your health.  When these times come, you can  rely upon your team to help you navigate the best possible wellness pathway that will meet your needs.

Look at the lists below. 

Who is on your team?


                          Mind                                                   Body                                                      Spirit                                       

                      Coaches                         Complementary Practitioners                         Clergy

                Psychologists                       Chiropractors / Osteopaths               Alternative Healers                          Counselors                               Naturopathic Doctors                     Spiritual Counselors

                                                         Massage Therapists / Body Workers      Energy Workers                                                                                    Nutritional Specialists                                                                                                                                     Physicians / Nurses                                                       

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