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Our bodies are complex machines that are susceptible to stress related illnesses, injuries, and different types of infections.  We look at the whole person and their total health, rather than only addressing the symptoms.  We offer the following services to help our patients as they move toward wellness.

ANS Balancing

Autonomic Nervous System balancing is a technique that Dr. Moore has pioneered and professionally written about for her patients.  Using clinical aromatherapy, pressure points, and energy pathways, her technique helps people locked in chronic stress patterns balance their autonomic nervous systems by taking away the "fight / flight" response or revitalizing the "have no energy" exhaustion that stress causes.  It is her #1 service that patients reserve on a weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis.

Functional Medicine

We introduce functional medicine as a way to help our patients who are "Sick and Tired of feeling sick and tired."  Functional medicine is a personalized approach using a person's DNA to determine food intolerances, environmental intolerances, mineral imbalances within the body, and nutritional imbalances.  Our patients can order a test online, send in a sample from their home, and have emailed results within 2 weeks.  We schedule an online appointment to discuss results and make recommendations for lifestyle changes, specialized supplements (if needed) and individualized health coaching options.


Weight Loss / Addictions Coaching

Losing weight and kicking addictions is TOUGH.  We are here to help our patients through the tough times by providing individualized weekly or biweekly support, complementary and alternative therapies, and optional ZOOM group sessions for patients.

Needle Free Acupuncture


Needle Free Acupuncture is one of our most popular services.  Our patients come to us for chronic pain management, relief from various forms of neuropathy, and health challenges.

Building Resiliency


Dr. Moore is a veteran who knows and experienced that not all of our veterans have access to high quality veteran health care services.  After almost losing her life on numerous occasions because of misdiagnoses, rescheduled services, and drug conflicts; she took her wellness into her own hands.   

Sadly, she knows that many people live with similarly complex health issues, because they do not know about personalized or functional health care.  To help these people, she wrote a book, Building Resiliency:32 Days to a Better You and created a weekly,  online group where readers can gain access to effective coaching from the comfort of their home. 


Holistic Kinesiology

We know that chronic pain does not have to be chronic.  Many of our patients suffer from Back Aches and Headaches.  We also know that many people experience neck, hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, hand, and / or foot pain. 


Pain is our friend, because it tells us when something is wrong.  Using a common sense and lifestyle approach, we will evaluate a person's posture, observe how they move, facilitate corrections, and teach these  corrections so that better posture is restored and the body is able to function without pain.

Book your appointment with us and see the difference that Complementary Health can make in your life...

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