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Our Services for the Spirit


    The Spirit is often the most overlooked and undervalued part of human health and wellness.  At Downeast Wellness, we use a three-part approach that focuses on the Mind, Body, and Spirit to balance a person's health and support them as they develop wellness.  The spirit part of being encompasses more than just a person's religious or moral codes, it also encompasses the energy that they receive from and give to others, how they exist in this world, and what kind of impact or footprint they leave in various places. 

Because these services entail a highly personal and interactive approach, an initial consultation and wellness plan must be created for new patients before they are scheduled.

Energy Therapies

We are energetic beings.  From science, we know that our heart creates energy, our brains and nerves transmit electrical impulses, and we can generate shocks as we transmit static electricity.   Sometimes, a person's resonance is very low, <40Hz or very high, >80 Hz and needs to be balanced to support the body and mind at the cellular level.


Sometimes, the best prescription to heal a person's Spirit is just getting outside and treating your mind and body to nature.  With our EcoTherapy, we will take you on established hiking paths in Acadia National Park or other Public Lands.  As we provide a walking coaching session, you will be able to refresh your senses, use natural light to support your body and mind, see enjoy a new perspective, and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Native Practices


Native practices work with Mana (Prana) and Universal energy through the teachings of Indigenous cultures.  The herbs and concepts of Smudging, Honoring the Creator and Mother, listening to the guidance of the Four Winds and Animal Spirits, and understanding the blessings of the Ancestors are taught to help patients overcome intergenerational or past trauma from a spiritual perspective.


We offer Jam Jung QiGong in a series of weekly classes either remote or in person.  The 5 basic stances, stretching, and proper breathing are taught in the beginners classes.  The addition of the Ba Dan Jin and Walking QiGong are taught in the  advanced classes.

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