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Working with Dr. Moore


Dr. Moore specializes in Functional Health and Integrative Medicine.  She works with approximately 15 patients a week providing direct services and consultations.

The patients who choose to work with Dr. Moore are those who have the commitment to follow their wellness plan and own their health and wellness accountability.

In order to work with Dr. Moore directly, patients must commit to a functional health consultation.  From this initial and most important meeting, Dr. Moore will develop an individualized wellness plan that outlines recommended complementary therapies in a four to 16 visit time frame.

Dr. Moore will help her patients explore functional health and total body wellness through structured appointments that will include lifestyle and health coaching, balancing the autonomic nervous system, acupressure and needle free acupuncture, clinical aromatherapy, bio-energetic therapies, craniosacral therapy, somatic therapies, and cymatic therapy.

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